Church Outreach

See and Hear what God’s Love can do

We want to share a message of hope for times that may seem hopeless. Your congregation will hear stories of tragedy, struggle, and triumph. See the stories of our team members by exploring under the Our Team tab. Their stories will inspire and give hope.

Traveling with me are ordinary men who have gone through extraordinary circumstances. Their testimonies are a powerful message that God uses to encourage and transform lives. I invite you to read though the website to find out about the exciting things God has done and continues to do.

We also want to share with you the outreach ministry into Juvenile Justice Centers. We have seen what love can do in the lives of these kids. We will have made more than 170 visits into 141 different facilities sharing the love of Jesus. More than 8,000 at-risk youth have been touched by this outreach in 2010.

You’ll be challenged to see what Jesus called “the least of these”as worth our time, worth sharing the Gospel with, ‚Ķkids of worth. Our society has locked them up and given them little hope. The hope of Jesus is transforming lives and giving them a reason to make changes.

It is my prayer that this ministry may be of service to you through the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

-Jeff Moody