Jeff Moody

What do you do when eight surgeons refuse to perform a necessary neck surgery because of potential complications?

Jeff Moody was told he would not sing or play guitar again as a result of the surgery. After losing more than 90% of strength and mobility in his left hand, and rapidly spreading to his arm, Jeff understood the absolute necessity to trust God.  His surgery was finally performed in November, 2005, thirteen weeks after seeing the first surgeon. Confined to a single couch in their home for nine months, he better understands the words Jesus spoke; “…the rain fell and the storms grew but the house on rock stood firm.”

Jeff Moody is the director and driving force behind Upward Bound Outreach. He mentors, affirms, and challenges each of our team members. He’s experienced physical adversity and financial challenges of doing ministry even when there is no funding. Yet he still shares a message of hope whether it’s one on one, at a Juvenile Justice Center, a school, or a church. We all need the message of Jesus’ love, compassion, forgiveness, and hope.